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Practical Posture

Bob Turchyn - Wednesday, June 08, 2016


KIH’s newest therapist demonstrating “Static Wall” e-cise.



The idea behind the phrase, “the body you bring into the activity,” is that the closer one is to proper alignment prior to physical activity, the greater the chances for a pain free experience both during and after that activity. Many of us are enthusiastic about the prospect of an invigorating morning walk, bike ride or jog, but are leery of the payback in terms of joint and muscle pain. Retraining, in the form of repeated functional movements, is the answer.


Each of our bodies is a unique tale of adaptation to our individual environments and the daily physical stresses to which we subject ourselves. The hallmark of an optimally functioning musculoskeletal system is” neutral joint alignment.” This means that instead of being pitched forward, elevated upward, or torqued inward, the load joints of the body naturally return to being stacked over one another vertically, and each pair in straight lines directly across from each other horizontally.



The attached exercise menu encourages neutral joint alignment. It is even more effective if used before and after your chosen activity.




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