Pain Free North Shore

“Healing is a matter of time, but is also sometimes a matter of opportunity.”


Turn Down The Noise


“Cognition enhancers,” “metabolism boosters,” “stress busters.”


There is a difference between mass-marketing and individual healthcare

and wellness.


We understand that difference.


For most of us the opportunity to lead a long, healthy life has never been greater and more within our reach.  At Kauai Island Health, Pain Free North Shore (KIHPFNS) we help clients identify wellness choices best suited to them.


No two individuals are the same.

Each of us is a unique interplay of genetics, environment, lifestyle choices and beliefs.  Kauai Island Health constructs individual wellness protocols that take into account all of these factors


Holistic/Whole World

Health can be defined for all living organisms as a tendency towards balance and the ability to adapt through change…. homeostasis and allostasis.   These principles of balance and adaptation are mainstays of many of the world’s healthcare systems.  We draw from systems as diverse as Traditional Chinese Medicine to Western bioscience, from Ayurveda to Native American herbalism.  Our eclectic approach allows us to uncover unique wellness “opportunities,” for our clients




Individualized stretching and exercise program geared to bring the body back into alignment.  Therapy certified by Egoscue University®



Education and recommendations on the use of medicinal plants in the context of traditional indigenous models of herbalism to modern clinical phytotherapy.  Supervised by AHG* (RH) professional clinical herbalist


Recommendations of the uses the aromatic plant substances in wellness protocols.  ARC* (RA) certified practitioner.



On staff LAc, OMD, specializing in pain management and women’s health